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Courses in Christian Theology

These course offerings are intended to make theological education accessible to a wider range of students and lay people than the regular programs offered by the Montreal School of Theology.

A rich opportunity for those:

  • seeking deeper understanding of Christian faith and spiritual enrichment; and/or
  • wanting to pursue graduate theological education without earning a degree; and/or
  • thinking about ordained ministry, but wanting to discern a call by trying some courses first.

These courses are given academic credit at the Masters (M. Div.) level:

  • Each course qualifies for three (3) credits.
  • Credits may later be applied to the programs of any of the partner Colleges of the Montreal School of Theology.
Courses are offered evenings, weekends and other alternative schedules and modalities.

Course offering 2014-2015:

Fall 2014 - Starting September 19:
Introduction to Paul and Pauline Literature,
course instructor: Dr. Matthew R. Anderson

This course looks at the person, the historical situation and the New Testament texts associated with the person of Paul. In recent years long-established understandings of Paul have shifted: the so-called "new perspective" is no longer new, and the "radical new perspective" has not replaced it. Academics are questioning everything about Paul's relationship to other Jews, to the Torah, and to the non-Jewish world, and even the definitions of the terms themselves. Questions of definition, literary purpose and historical situation will give students an introduction to the major issues in Pauline studies at present.

Course dates: Three weekends: Fridays 6:30-9pm, Saturdays 9:30am-4pm on: Sept 19-20, Oct 24-25, Nov 14-15 and on-line: Thursday evenings 7-9pm on: Sept 25, Oct 2, 9, 16, 30, Nov 6, 13.

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Winter 2015:
Contemporary Contextual Theologies in the Canadian Landscape,
course instructor: Dr. Jessica Hetherington

This course, to be taught at the M.Div. level, is designed to introduce students to contemporary contextual theologies, and to train them to begin to recognize: (1) their individual contexts and how these contexts influence their understanding and interpretations of theology; (2) the rich array of contextual theologies, including feminist, queer, Black and womanist, ecological, postcolonial, and others; and (3) how an understanding of contemporary contextual theologies can inform theological insight into the signs and times of our current era. In order to direct the wide-ranging material of such a survey course, the students will engage the topics through the lens of the Canadian cultural, social, political, and ecological landscape.

Exact dates for this course will be announced shortly.

For more information and registration, please contact any of the participating Colleges:

  • Ms. Kathy Wiens, Administrative Assistant United Theological College, 514-849-2042 ext.200.
  • Ms. Jeannette Vink, Administrative Assistant Presbyterian College, 514-288-5256 ext. 205
  • Ms. Beth Reed, Administrative Assistant Montreal Diocesan Theological College, 514-849-3004, ext. 221.
  • Earlier courses offered:

    • EMERGENCE CHRISTIANITY: Theological Perspectives form the Quebec Context - with Dr. Alyson Huntly.
    • A History of Christianity: From Luther to Oduyoye - with Dr. Lucille Marr.
    • Christian Theology II; Christ, The Spirit and The Church - with Dr. John Simons.
    • Christian Ethics The real world of love, faith and friendship - with Rev. Dr. Roland De Vries
    • Introduction to the Hebrew Bible from Genesis to Malachi - with Rev. Dr. Gregory Davidson
    • Introduction to the New Testament Jesus in text and proclamation - with Dr. Matthew Anderson
    • History of Christianity From Jesus to Erasmus - with Dr. Lucille Marr
    • Christian Theology I - with Rev. Dr. John Vissers and Rev. Dr. John Simons

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